Scope Of Standards

To help categorise the areas requiring Fire Standards and the guidance that is likely to underpin them, an Activity Framework has been developed. In doing this we were able to capture all the activities performed by fire and rescue services irrespective of their governance model, budget or location and who provides those functions (for example, services that are part of a local authority).

The principles of this approach are founded on the experience gained through and success of the National Operational Guidance programme (NOG) – developed by the services, for the services.

The principles of this approach are founded on the experience gained through the National Operational Guidance Programme (NOGP). The Activity Framework is intended to:

  • provide a complete road map so we can see where the NFCC and FSB are going;
  • help us avoid duplication and overlap which may result in conflicting guidance if developed in isolation; and,
  • be easy to navigate for all audiences.

The Activity Framework covers all fire and rescue services’ functions and business activities with the top-level activities shown below. Each of these then expands into multiple levels.

Fire & Rescue Service Activity Framework

Services have expressed concerns about what the suite of Fire Standards will contain and how they will achieve them. Services should be assured that the Board has no intention of producing Fire Standards that are not necessary. Where there are clear industry benchmarks or existing standards, then the Fire Standards will direct services towards them. This will be part of the scoping and drafting phase for each Fire Standard.