Code of Ethics

Cultural Ethics, equality, diversity & inclusion

Code of Ethics


A fire and rescue service which has embedded and is committed to the ethical principles and professional behaviours contained in the Core Code of Ethics (Core Code) anin so doing generates a more positive working culture and continuously improves the quality of service to the public. 

This is evidenced by the attitudes and conduct of those who lead and all who work for, or on behalf of, the service and that the service operates according to corporate ethical business practices. 

Date of approval: 17/05/2021
Date of issue: 18/05/2021
Review date: 31/05/2024
Reference number: FSC-ETH01

A fire and rescue service must:

  1. Adopt and embed the Core Code to demonstrate that the service is fully committed and compliant at both an individual and corporate level.
  2. Ensure the attitudes, professional behaviours and conduct described within the core code are reflected in its decision-making, policies, procedures, processes, and associated guidance that govern how the service manages and supports its workforce.
  3. Provide training and support to all those who work for, or on behalf of, a service to achieve their understanding of the Core Code and an appreciation of their responsibilities in adhering to it.
  4. Not detract from the Core Code.

Those who lead services and those who work for, or on behalf of, the service must:

  1. Understand, respect, and follow the principles of the Core Code and demonstrate this by their commitment to it and their responsibility for upholding it.
  2. Conduct themselves in accordance with the Core Code.

Those responsible for the governance of fire and rescue services, whilst complying with their own ethical codes must:

  1. hold the Chief Fire Officer to account for the implementation of the Core Code at a local level;
  2. play a proactive role in challenging behaviour inconsistent with the Core Code; and
  3. ensure strategies, policies and performance measures are in place to promote and embed a positive and inclusive culture.

A fire and rescue service should:

  1. Designate a senior leader who is responsible for promoting the Core Code throughout the service and ensuring that all those who work for, or on behalf of, the service understand its contents and what is expected of them.
  1. Achieves greater consistency in ethical and professional behaviour throughout the service
  2. Generates a more positive working culture, which embraces learning and is transparent and accountable
  3. Improves trust in and reputation of the service
  4. Enables all those who work for, or on behalf of, to challenge inappropriate behaviour and hold others to account for their actions
  5. Improves the recruitment and retention of a workforce that is representative of the community it serves
  6. Improves governance and leadership of the service

This Fire Standard reflects only the most appropriate legislation to this topic. We recognise that fire and rescue services must comply with a broader list of legislation to undertake their duties, which would be applicable to all standards. View the legislation which applies to all Fire Standards.

This Fire Standard and the core code underpin all Fire Standards.

Currently there are no specific or linked qualifications and accreditations for this Fire Standard.

Note: Please contact the Fire Standards team within the NFCC CPO for any queries or support with regards to this Fire Standard [email protected]