Emergency Response Driver Standard consultation launched

The first Fire Standard is now out for consultation. In an important step forward for blue light driving, the emergency response driver standard provides fire and rescue services with the framework to ensure they are fully compliant with legislation.

The emergency response driver standard applies to all fire and rescue employees who drive using blue lights and claim legal exemptions. There are major benefits from having a Fire Standard as it provides a benchmark against which training can be developed ensuring consistency across the country. This means that staff can move between services without having to retrain, as all driver training must conform with the Fire Standard and underpinning training and competency framework.

The Fire Standards Board started its work earlier this year. It oversees the identification, organisation, development and maintenance of professional Fire Standards for fire and rescue services in England.

Fire and rescue services are encouraged to read and respond to the consultation, which is available from here. It will be of particular interest to driver instructors within fire and rescue services as well as those in training, learning and development roles.

The consultation is open until 5 January 2020.