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Prevention Fire Standard


This consultation is now closed.


Take a look at the Fire Standard that was published following this consultation.


If you took part in this consultation, you may be interested to read the post-consultation “You said, we did” report to see how your feedback has shaped this Fire Standard.

The CONSultation – now closed

The Fire Standards Board commissioned the development of the Prevention Fire Standard through the National Fire Chiefs Council Prevention Committee. From this a working group was formed with representation from services across the country to support development work. It has also undergone a peer review process which included contact with relevant organisations outside of the fire and rescue service.

Along with the subject matter expertise from within the working group, the Fire Standards has been informed by information such as:

  • Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 Report
  • HMICFRS inspection findings from (2018 and 2019)
  • NFCC analysis using its Strategic Improvement Model (SIM) of various reports which provide external commentary on fire and service performance
  • The Fit for the Future strategic improvement objectives
  • Input from members of the NFCC Prevention Committee and its workstreams

This Fire Standard is intended as an overarching standard for Prevention with further standards relating to more specific aspects of Prevention activities being developed in future.

This consultation seeks to gather views about the draft Fire Standard itself as well as the impact on those organisations who will be expected to align to it. We are interested to hear whether you or your organisation feel:

  • all relevant aspects of Prevention activity have been included;
  • it is clear and easy to understand;
  • it will drive further improvements in delivery of Prevention activities; and
  • whether it will have a positive impact on your service and the community you serve – if you work for a fire and rescue service.

Some questions may only be relevant if you work for a fire and rescue service within England.

This consultation is taking place at the same time as consultation for a draft Fire Protection Fire Standard. Depending on your role, you may be interested in responding to both consultations, which is welcomed. If you do, please ensure you respond by completing the correct online survey for the draft Fire Standard you are reviewing. They are clearly marked as either the Prevention or Fire Protection Fire Standards Consultation.

We encourage all fire and rescue services and governing bodies to provide a coordinated formal response, and welcome individual responses from colleagues in the Devolved Administrations, partners and all stakeholders including those in the wider fire and rescue sector.

How to participate  

For the purposes of this consultation, you are provided with a consultation pack which includes the following:

  • The proposed Prevention Fire Standard
  • A copy of the consultation questions (this allows you to prepare your response in advance before entering your answers online)

The consultation questions will ask for your views about the Fire Standard along with questions about the potential impact of implementation on your organisation should you work for a fire and rescue service within England.

Please be aware that you will need to complete the online survey in one session; for this reason, we strongly suggest that you:

  • review the proposed Fire Standard
  • read the consultation questions by downloading them below
  • capture your responses in a Word document before transferring them into the online survey so that you will not lose your notes in the event of technical issues

Consultation pack

You will be asked to provide your name, role, organisation and email address in case of any technical issue or if we need to contact you to clarify anything about your response.

It is not mandatory to respond to all of the questions in the survey; you are welcome to only complete those areas that you have an interest or expertise in.

When you are ready, please start your response to the Prevention Fire Standard consultation.

Start the consultation

What happens after the consultation has closed?

All consultation responses will be considered in April 2021. Should any responses result in significant revisions to the Fire Standard, a further consultation may be initiated. A post-consultation draft will be shared with the Fire Standards Board.

Following this, a quality assurance exercise will be undertaken with a view to proposing the Fire Standard to the Fire Standards Board for approval.

If you have any questions about the consultation process, please email Fire Standards team at [email protected].

Considerations and Notes

Hyperlinks to places within this guidance, or to other sections of guidance may not currently function; this will be addressed at point of publication.

Any illustrations or figures may not yet be included in the draft documents or may not currently be in high-definition, to allow for email limitations; this will be addressed at point of publication.

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