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Code of Ethics Fire Standard


This consultation is now closed.

Approved Standard

Take a look at the Fire Standard that was published following this consultation.

The draft Code of Ethics Fire Standard, which the Fire Standards Board has put forward for consideration, is underpinned by the Core Code of Ethics for Fire and Rescue Services (England) (core code). Consultations on both are taking place at the same time and it is recommended that the Fire Standard and the core code are read and considered in parallel before responding to either of the consultations.

The production of this new core code is in response to the recommendation made by His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Fire and Rescue Services (HMICRFS) that “By December 2020, the National Fire Chiefs Council, with the Local Government Association, should produce a code of ethics for fire and rescue services.” The core code has been developed in partnership between the Local Government Association (LGA) and the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC).

How to participate  

For the purposes of this consultation, you are provided with a consultation pack which contains the following: 

  • The proposed Code of Ethics Fire Standard
  • A copy of the consultation questions (allows you to prepare your response in advance before entering your answers online)
  • The proposed Core Code of Ethics for Fire and Rescue Services (England)
  • A link to the consultation on the Core Code of Ethics for Fire and Rescue Services (England)  

The consultation questions will ask for your views about the Fire Standard along with questions about the potential impact on your organisation should you work for a fire and rescue service within England.

Please be aware that you will need to complete the online survey in one session; for this reason, we strongly suggest that you:

  • review both the proposed Fire Standard and proposed core code
  • read the consultation questions by downloading them below
  • capture your responses in a MS Word document before transferring them into the online survey so that you will not lose your notes in the event of technical issues

Consultation pack

Consultation on the proposed Core Code of Ethics for Fire and Rescue Services (England)

You will be asked to provide your name, role, organisation and email address in case of any technical issue or if we need to contact you to clarify anything about your response. 

It is not mandatory to respond to all of the questions in the survey; you are welcome to only complete those areas that you have an interest or expertise in. 

When you are ready, please start the survey.

Start the survey

What happens after the consultation has closed?

All the consultation responses will be considered in November 2020. Should any responses result in significant revisions to either the Fire Standard or the core code, a further consultation may be initiated.

Following this, the Fire Standard will undergo a quality assurance process before the final Fire Standard is proposed to the Fire Standards Board for approval.

If you have any questions about the consultation process please email [email protected].

Considerations and Notes

Hyperlinks to places within this guidance, or to other sections of guidance may not currently function; this will be addressed at point of publication. 

Any illustrations are not currently in high-definition, to allow for email limitations; this will be addressed at point of publication. 

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