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Title of Consultation: Emergency Response Driver Fire Standard
Closing date of consultation: Midnight on Friday 3 January 2020

How to participate in the consultation

Executive Summary

Welcome to the consultation on the first Fire Standard which will be proposed to the Fire Standards Board.

This consultation is allowing the Board to test the processes and formats that have been agreed in principle. It also seeks to explore the potential impact of Fire Standards on the variety of fire and rescue service delivery models and Governance arrangements.

The Board welcome the views of those to whom the Fire Standard will directly apply – primarily the driving schools and instructors within fire and rescue services in England. However, we also welcome feedback from colleagues in learning, development and training departments, as well as from colleagues in wider stakeholder organisations.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the consultation. Your views are important to us.

Background and rationale

Emergency Response Driving has been selected as a Fire Standard because there is legislation and codes of practice related to emergency response driving that all emergency services must be compliant with by 2020.

There is also a well-embedded training and competency framework that is already in use by many services across the country.

Any fire and rescue service who can evidence they are aligned to have met this Fire Standard will be compliant with Department for Transport legislation. As a sector, following this Fire Standard will mean we will also achieve consistency in the training and assuring assurance of competency of those who have to drive using blue-lights. In turn this will bring about reduced training requirements for services when personnel transfer from another service.

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