Implementation tools

Implementation tools

Following on from feedback received either through engagement with fire and rescue services in the development of Fire Standards or through consultations, we have now developed an Implementation Tool for each Fire Standard. 

Each tool been created to assist fire and rescue services in planning, delivering and reporting on their implementation of Fire Standards. They could also be used to provide useful evidence for HMICFRS inspections, should a service wish to do so.  

The tools will help services to record actions needed to be take to move toward achieving the Fire Standard. When first completed, it will provide a benchmark from which progress over time can be measured.  

We have produced an example tool to help you understand how to use it and included an instructions tab within each tool. 

If you have any questions about the implementation tool, please complete the form on the contact us page or email us at [email protected]  

Example Fire Standard implementation tool

A tool for each Fire Standard is available below:

Code of Ethics implementation tool

Community Risk implementation tool

Emergency Response Driving implementation tool

Operational Competence implementation tool

Operational Learning implementation tool

Operational Preparedness implementation tool

Prevention Fire Standard implementation tool

Protection Fire Standard implementation tool

Safeguarding Fire Standard implementation tool

Fire Investigation Fire Standard implementation tool

Emergency Preparedness and Resilience Fire Standard implementation tool

Data Management Fire Standard implementation tool